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The 27th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition Been Successfully Held!

Dec. 21, 2020

  The 27th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition in 2020 was been succefully held on December 17-19 in guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center. Eight theme of this exhibition galleries (desktop supplies, cleaning equipment supplies hotel lobby supplies, kitchen equipment, supplies, food and beverage, guest room supplies, hotel furniture, hotel intelligent products), the exhibition area with totally 300000 square meters, it is expected to gather more than 4500 high-end exhibitors all over the world. 


The 2020, such a special year for everyone all over the world because of COVID-19, especially for the global economy, import and export business,all industries etc. Even in this special time, We try our best to attend exihibitions, gather orders and gain more attentions from different customers. 

ad25166a56d6ac6dd62093239a83411.pngad25166a56d6ac6dd62093239a83411.pngad25166a56d6ac6dd62093239a83411.pngIt was a successful exhibition for our company, at this exhibition, Guangzhou Zhibao Food Special Equipment Co., Ltd  displayed our main products, such as our planetary mixer with bowl capacity 5L, 7L etc, single function and multifuction, different colors, our hot-sale HM-5, the dough mixer, maximum for 3kg flour, and also our spiral mixers, from 10L to 200L, bread slicer, dough divider, divider rounder, cake display cabinet etc. We received different customers from all cities in China, also some foreign customers. 

ad25166a56d6ac6dd62093239a83411.pngad25166a56d6ac6dd62093239a83411.pngWe are looking forward to meeting with more friends in the upcoming exhibitions in May, 2021!

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