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Zhibaoxing Food Equipment Co., Ltd.’s Equipment from China supply Bread Dough Mixers, Dough Mixers, Spiral Mixers and all of your Food Preparation.  this stylish selection of food preparation equipment gives you the tools needed to whip up a culinary masterpiece. Offer the high-quality and high-efficient with an acceptable price for you.

Dough mixer from Zhibaoxing Food Equipment has different liter for you to select, you can base on your business to select. We have the different type of mixer for you to choose, such as single or double speed, mechanic or digital control, chain, belt or chain and belt transmission, with timer, emergency or not, with safety guard or not and so on. All mixer equips with a hook.

Our dough mixer easy for everyone to operate, it works stable and in a high efficiency. Taking the material in the bowl, start to work, you can add other material in the bowl during working. If one of the accessories are not in the place, such as the guard, it will stop working that ensure working safety. 



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